1,879 Thank Yous

10 Nov 2023
Party activists observing an election count

With the votes counted, Simon de Deney and the Liberal Democrat team have congratulated Labour candidate Caroline Woodley, who will be Hackney's new mayor.

On a very low turnout of under 21%, Simon polled 1,879 votes, coming in fourth place with 5.1% support.

"Of course, you always hope for more," said Simon, " but this campaign has brought together Lib Dem supporters new and old and from a fantastic and diverse range of backgrounds - And it's all been motivated by a real desire to see Hackney improve and thrive. That's a win in my book."

A local party spokesperson congratulated Mayor-elect Woodley and wished her well as she embarked on a tough job - but also added that the issues in Simon's mayoral campaign have not gone away. Hackney Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign for more social housing, stronger environmental protections and a revitalised local democracy.