Housing Crisis - Labour Must Act

30 Nov 2023
Dave Raval standing in front of a new block of flats

The new Labour mayor must build at least double the number of council homes as the last one - say Lib Dems.
That’s if she wants to put even a dent in the housing crisis that is driving thousands of long-term Hackney residents out of the borough.

“I raised my family here and I want my kids to be able to afford to live here too,” says Simon de Deney - Liberal Democrat candidate in the recent mayoral election.
“But when bedsits and studios are frequently rented for more than £1500 a month and the waiting list for social housing is well over ten years, Hackney just isn’t affordable anymore.”
“This is a crisis for young and old and it sometimes feels like Hackney Labour just haven’t noticed,” says Cazenove by-election candidate, Dave Raval.
A London Assembly report shows there is land in Hackney for 12,000 new homes - and other boroughs have already followed Lib Dem proposals for council-owned companies that use private investment to build council homes.

“The Council should be starting construction on thousands of new properties over the next few years,” says Dave, “Not congratulating themselves over a few hundred.”