Low-Carbon Businessman fights for Cazenove seat

17 Dec 2023
Dave Raval smiling and looking straight ahead. Blocks of redbrick flats in the background

Campaigner and businessman, Dave Raval is the Liberal Democrat choice for Cazenove ward’s new councillor. The eco-entrepreneur promises to bring fresh vigour and new ideas to the environmental agenda if elected to the Town Hall.

At the by-election on January 18th, Dave will be the main challenger to Labour and promises to bring Fresh Ideas and a hard-working Lib Dem councillor back to the community.

•    Dave lives in Hackney, where he runs a successful business in the Energy Efficiency sector.

•    Dave was a leader of campaigns against Brexit and for a fairer voting system.

•    Dave is a qualified football referee - ready to show Labour the Red Card!

•    Dave is a passionate campaigner for staff welfare in the NHS and Emergency Services.